All the eggs in the same nest

It’s been a while since I wrote anything in this blog. If you knew the old one, you should have noticed the changes. It’s been moved from my previous personal domain,, to this one, Why?. Because I had too many sites, and that fragmentation was not good at all. I had my illustration portfolio at, my personal sites at, my long-dead illustration and animation blog El fatuo diario gráfico at and made no sense to have them all wandering around, without any real link between them.

I thought a year ago, or something like that, that maybe people who looks at my work at may be interested on watching my sketchbooks blog. Or maybe, all the audience I still have from my old illustration blog could be redirected to my own work. Those things could not be done with that fragmentation.

So I’ve mixed up everything. I’ve spent hours and hours ahead of the database, making things right. It’s been hard. But now it’s done and will be much more easier from now on.

I intend to make this blog useful for people interested in illustration sharing those little tricks one learns with years of experience and following one of the initial intentions I had with El fatuo diario gráfico back in 2005. Those tutorials will share space with my sketchbooks, and the archives of my previous blogs Alerta Naranja, and El fatuo diario gráfico.

Be very welcome and enjoy if you can.