Flickr awards

There’s something that I don’t get even if I try again and again. Those flickr awards the invite-only group admins and members give.

As a user, there’s nothing more annoying that this kind of photo comments. In that image, which obviously I really do like, I can count up to 37 awards. There are stars, diamonds, swords, discovery channel’s logo… and all of them is not but noise to me.

I love flickr, I use it and I am member of lots of groups, but I really despise all those invite-only groups that do nothing but spamming the whole flickr experience with their moving and glittering badges. These groups often impose a policy of “post 1 photo and comment 3“, this the only thing that makes is that anyone who wants to post a photo to that group has to spam three more photos with a badge.

The immediate consecuence is the lack of valuable comments on those photos. I am the first who closes the browsers window if I start viewing just those funny animated badges all over the photo page. Even if I like the photo. I hope that flickr will fix this kind of spam in the future but I don’t really think it will be soon.