Olympus XA2

Some months ago I talked about the Lomo LC-A and how I was planning to acquire one of them. In all these days I’ve been shoting with it and with the superb Olympus XA-2. I got the Olympus just a week after the Lomo and let’s face it, it’s far ahead the Lomo. It’s smaller, has a better electronic, a better shutter and an optic which gets the same flavour of the Lomo’s. I’ve shot one film with the Lomo against 7 or 8 with the Olympus.


The Olympus feels smoother and more reliable. Maybe it has not all the marketing behind like the lomo’s and that lomographic society, but I find it a much better camera, probably most of the users who got both will say the same.

Photo by Slimmer Jimmer

Yet I’ve not tested this camera with black and white film. I find that these cameras perform better with color, getting all those lovely chromatic aberrations when you just don’t expose with the camera still, and certainly those characteristic colors.

They even perform better with slide film instead of the negative ones, but I still haven’t found any yet. And I have two great lots of film so I’ve not bothered to look at them. I’ve shot just two films, Kodak Color Plus 100 and Kodak Gold Max 400. They’re both common film, and both lots are expired. I even shot some redscaled films with no problems though.


This camera shots film from ASA/ISO 25 to 800 and has three lens position, modifying the focal length to focus from a medium close up to a panoramic view, passing through the long shot. It has a timer so you can shoot a photo and appear in it without problems.


If you want to check some other photos, just take a view of my XA2 flickr set. All the photos in this post are taken by me but the camera’s, that is slimmer jimmer’s.