I talked some time ago about the invite codes on flickr and those horrible badges. Yesterday I posted an image to flickr and got totally spammed. Four comments, all spam.

I don’t know how much time will flickr wasted until they take position on this subject. Flickr is great, groups are awesome… but invite-only groups are crap and spamming groups too. There’re other ways to promote a group better than spamming the whole flickr experience.

Flickr awards

There’s something that I don’t get even if I try again and again. Those flickr awards the invite-only group admins and members give.

As a user, there’s nothing more annoying that this kind of photo comments. In that image, which obviously I really do like, I can count up to 37 awards. There are stars, diamonds, swords, discovery channel’s logo… and all of them is not but noise to me.

I love flickr, I use it and I am member of lots of groups, but I really despise all those invite-only groups that do nothing but spamming the whole flickr experience with their moving and glittering badges. These groups often impose a policy of “post 1 photo and comment 3“, this the only thing that makes is that anyone who wants to post a photo to that group has to spam three more photos with a badge.

The immediate consecuence is the lack of valuable comments on those photos. I am the first who closes the browsers window if I start viewing just those funny animated badges all over the photo page. Even if I like the photo. I hope that flickr will fix this kind of spam in the future but I don’t really think it will be soon.

Ice Cave

Sometimes I have some spare time to explore the archive named The commons on flickr. These photos are from public photographic archives and most of them are copyright-free. Today I found this piece, taken sometime between 1911 and 1914 in the first australasian expedition to antarctica.



Mis fotos


Hace bien poco monté una pequeña presentación para las fotografías que tengo publicadas en mi cuenta de flickr. Algunas son feas, otras bonitas; Algunas serias, otras tontas. De alguna manera ya que está publicado en internet, por que no anunciarlo aquí.

Pasen, vean y si son capaces, disfruten. Si no, no se molesten que no me dedico a la fotografía ;)