How to import flickr photos into tumblr

I’ve been updating my log, the place where all the content feeds I create join with the superb feature of importing content through feeds. With this little update I’ve been playing with yahoo pipes to modify the feed of one of my flickr sets. By default, flickr just embeds into the feeds the small size images making this resolution too small to show anywhere. I managed to modify this and using yahoo pipes I now get a feed with medium size images which is much more suitable for most tumblr themes.

I suppose everyone will do this with his own content, as everyone should know it’s not permited to import into tumblr content not owned by yourself.

Here’s how I did this:


First of all, we have to fetch the feed of the set or user we want to get content from. We use the Fetch feed module. When the url is completed we add a regex module and connect both Fetch feed and Regex.


When we have them connected is time to add the expressions where all the magic is done:


With this two we are changing the size of the image attached to the rss, allowing the medium size instead of the small size.


With these four what we are doing is modify the html code of the rss, to avoid the view of the medium images at the size of the small ones. It’s important that you realize that we are modifying both the content and the description, that’s the reason why every step has to be done twice. In the second and third step on this image ” height=” is replaced with ${y:published.utime}


Here we have the overall scheme of this pipe. It’s simple as you all can see. When this is done, we have to save this pipe and see his results, we chose the feed output and copy the url. Then we check the tumblr dashboard, customize our tumblerlog and import that feed url. If you already had been importing the flickr feed you’ll have to delete it, or you’ll have all your photos twice on your tumblerlog.

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