A bunch of new work

Some work done the last two months has been added to my portfolio. The two illustrations above are about the global warming and how it affects two different countries, the United States will have problems with the level of the oceans with cities like Miami or New Orleans being flooded. China has a more current problem with air pollution which will be increasing to levels really dangerous to its population. Both were done for self-promotion.


Últimamente he estado trabajando bastante en una serie de cambios que van a sucederse uno tras otro. El primero, es un nuevo diseño para mi portafolios, que también estrena nueva dirección web: www.jong.es.

En unos días espero tener listo todo el material promocional que he estado preparando, asi como enviaré a imprenta toda la papelería, tarjetas de visita, postales promocionales y flyers. Una vez todo esto esté impreso actualizaré el portafolios con todo el contenido promocional.

Después de eso… A publicitarse donde se pueda e ganarse las lentejas con esto de hacer dibujillos.

Edición: Ya de paso, acabo de subir las actualizaciones de ésta página y de Garabatos.

Some kind of personal network

Recently I redesigned my portfolio site, jonbalenciaga.com. It’s been functional for a while, but minor things had to be corrected. With this redesign I thought of making both my portfolio and my weblog look the same or very similar, as the layout of one diverges a bit from the other they can’t look the same. Today, after a couple of days making changes, mistreating my already bad back in this shitty chair -I really hate it-, I managed to finish these changes. These are almost superficial changes, as the functionality and usability of this weblog keeps very similar -and this means bad, of course.-. I hope you like both of them and I encourage you to visit my portfolio and download my interactive portfolio from there only if you want to give me some work, obviously. Enjoy.